Monetize your payments and own your customer's experience!

Payfactory is a payment gateway platform that enables any SaaS company to offer payments solutions to their customers, without the headache, hassle or cost in doing so

Real-time Merchant Onboarding

Allow your customers to begin accepting payments in seconds, not days

Zero Underwriting Risk

No merchant-of-record liability risk for you

Generate New Revenue

Tap into your customers payments and grow with them

Turn payments into a revenue engine

Payfactory’s proprietary gateway solution eliminates the cost and headache of moving payments in-house, allowing you to add payments to your platform without giving up any margin.

Universal Gateway and Tokenization
Instant Merchant Underwriting
Chargebacks and Risk Management
Routing to Multiple Acquirers
Payments Dashboard
Instant Onboarding and Approval

Paying out money means you must abide by stringent laws and regulations, including know your customer (KYC), sanctions screenings, and money transmission restrictions. Through our proprietary technology that performs dynamic risk-based KYC and AML checks and integrations and relationships with every payment processor, Payfactory is able to provide instant onboarding and approval for all of your customers. With Payfactory, you can get your customers up and running quickly without any headache.

Disbursements and Payments

Face it, funds flow and payment routing can be complicated, but not with Payfactory. Manage risk and chargebacks, route to multiple acquirers, and allow your users to receive funds within minutes. Payfactory lets your recipients get paid faster, without any extra work from you.

Professional Services

What is a Payment Facilitator?

Why Every Vertical SaaS Company should become a PayFac

How to become a PayFac

Security First.

We’re committed to exceeding the highest global data security standards and work with regulators around the world to ensure our platform adapts to the ever-changing regulatory environment so you don’t have to.